CHP Bullies with Badges

There is a gang terrorizing the highways of California, with government sanction.

The State of California is planning to save money by closing most State Parks that are enjoyed by millions of people. A better place to cut is this gang of terrorists who torment everyone who drives California Highways.

When a CHP officer gives an innocent driver a fraudulent moving violations ticket, the worst thing that will happen to the CHP officer is to loose the point he received for issuing the ticket. The best thing that will happen to the driver if he/she wins the appeal, is to waist his/her time. Maybe there would be fewer fraudulent tickets issued if the CHP officer risked the penalty for fraud.

The last CHP officer to write me a fraudulent ticket will be the last CHP officer to write me a fraudulent ticket and keep his job.

To the California Highway Patrol, if you think that by harassing me you will make me behave, I was before, now you made me angry and I will not rest until YOU behave.

Does anyone know how to put a Cal. Moterist's Bill of Rights on the ballot?

California Highway Pirates
Let's work together to stop these pirates!

Punishing good people doesn't make them better. It makes you worse.

On July 9, I, the slowest driver in California, was convicted of speeding. Why? Because it was the only way to reach the only opening in traffic so that I could exit the highway in less than a quarter mile. Instead of citing the cars that would not yield, Officer SS (I'm only using his appropriate initials) cited me because speeding is a bigger fine than failure to yield. All I wanted was to exit and the line of cars the officer testified I passed would not let me over to the right lane. I am such a bad person, wanting to use a rest area. For the trip, 749 3/4 miles under the speed limit and 1/4 mile forced to drive over the limit. I am such a bad person.

The attitude of the CHP Internal Review and the courts is that CHP officers don't lie and that their word is as good as physical evidence. Once the officers realized that their word would not be questions, they had no reason to be honest. They now can make up anything they wish with full confidence that they will not be questioned, while the innocent victim is disbelieved.

There needs to be independent review and officers need to collect hard evidence. An officer testifying that his speedometer is accurate doesn't prove that the driver was actually driving as fast as the officer's verbal record.

CHP Jokes

Why did the CHP officer cross the road?
To give a parking ticket to a stranded motorist.

What do you call a bus load of CHP officers that goes off the bridge and into a like?
A great start.

Why are CHP officer so mean?
Because they can be.

How fast over the speed limit do you have to go to get a speeding ticket from the CHP?
Three under.

Why do CHP officers give tickets to car going under the speed limit?
They are easier to catch.

What does a CHP internal investigation and a fence have in common?
Both are whitewashed.

A man laid unconscious by the side of the road after an accident. A gang member, a nice CHP officer, and the Easter Bunny drove by. Who stopped to help?
The gang member, the other two donít exist.

What do you get when you cross a gang member with a Nazi?
A CHP officer.

Two men walk into a bar for lunch. They both got drunk. One was a construction worker and one was a CHP officer. Who got in trouble for coming back to work drunk?
The construction worker did. The CHP officer was so confused, he wrote more tickets.

Why do CHP officers get new patrol cars every year?
They wear them out hot rodding.

Why don't CHP officers get speeding tickets on their own time?
The show their badge to the officer that stopped them.

What does a CHP officer writing speeding tickets and a wild animal catching a meal have in common?
They both single out the slowest victim because they are easier to catch.

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